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Fact Sheet

The Campaign for America's Libraries is the American Library Association’s public education campaign designed to communicate the value of libraries and librarians. The campaign is designed to showcase the unique and vital roles played by public, school, academic and special libraries nationwide.

The campaign was developed in response to research that shows that libraries are popular but often misunderstood; libraries are rooted in nearly every community, including schools, campuses and businesses across the country, but are often not visible; and libraries are unique, but facing new competition.

Our objectives are to:

  • Increase awareness and support for libraries by increasing their visibility in a positive context and by communicating why libraries are both unique and valuable;

  • Update the image of libraries, librarians and all library staff for the 21st century, sustaining and strengthening their relevance;

  • Bring renewed energy to the promotion of libraries and librarians; and

  • Bring library messages to a more diverse audience.

We want the American public to know that:

  • Libraries are changing and dynamic places. Librarians are trained experts, on the forefront of the information age.  In a world that’s information rich, librarians are information smart and help ensure a society where everyone is literate as well as “information literate.”

  • Libraries are places of opportunity. They are places of education and self-help.  And because they offer free and open access to all, they bring opportunity to all.

  • Libraries bring you the world. Librarians also help you make sense of the world.  Where else can you have access to nearly anything on the Web or in print as well as trained professional service and assistance in finding it – and interpreting it? 

For additional information about The Campaign for America’s Libraries and to learn more about our nation’s libraries and librarians, visit the American Library Association’s Web site at www.ala.org/@yourlibrary.


www.entubiblioteca.org www.ala.org www.univision.com